We are Passionate about Food and Community

The colorful, playful and vibrant essence of our Mexican culture and its people are reflected in our food.

Our traditional family recipes always include authentic ingredients in order to achieve the unique flavors of our Mexican cuisine rooted in Guadalajara. Simplicity is found in all our dishes along with colorful and playful plating.

Pozole Verde
Sauces and Salsa
Green ceviche

Our Story

We believe culture is a vital ingredient to food.

For thousands of years friends and families have gathered around the community table to share in conversation, laughter and sustenance. Today, sadly, food has become mechanical where calories are counted and measured solely as a fuel to keep your body moving; it has become absent of the culture it was once a part of.

Every meal tells a story. A meal isn’t merely about taste; it is a part of the culture it represents. We infuse culture back into a dining experience through beauty, passion and community. The beauty in food represents the culture it came from –vibrant, artistic and thoughtful. The passion embodies the personal conscientiousness of those involved in preparing it. Community is how culture, life and food manifests. It is where purpose resides.

Food isn’t complicated when its purpose is kept intact. We simply make fresh healthy Mexican food. The way it was meant to be.

Seating at Tabachines Cocina


We believe that food should be enjoyed in the company of family and friends. Our goal is to not just create a restaurant, but a community in which people can gather and enjoy life together.

In an effort to create this type of atmosphere, we chose to have our restaurant designed by Lynne Kegan, a celebrity designer from the Food Network’s “Restaurant Impossible.”

When entering our restaurant you will find a combination of rustic and natural woods, weathered brick, iron, and glass. Natural materials are as alive in our restaurant as in the long standing tradition of fresh natural ingredients in the authentic food.

Tabachines Cocina creates a comfortable yet striking atmosphere that stays true to its Mexican roots and fresh food set in a comfortable modern space.

Restaurant Design at Tabachines Cocina

We Use Fresh, Local Ingredients Whenever Possible

California’s produce is a fundamental part of our kitchen creations, local grown and organic as much as possible. There is no space for precooked ingredients or canned goods in our pantry, this assures the highest quality of our menu offerings.

A vast array of unique seasonal Mexican flavors can be found in our dishes, enhanced by the availability of Southern California fresh produce.

Chef Patricia’s hands-on approach and close supervision of the kitchen personnel provide consistency and quality.

tomatillo salsa ingredients

Meet the Chef

As urban as her two towns; native to Guadalajara and residency in Los Angeles, Chef Patricia Zarate is a concrete and asphalt lover.

She is the fifth in a family of eleven siblings. Growing up at family meals, besides the eleven siblings and her parents, the table was always shared by a couple of relatives on a daily basis.

Her avocation was the kitchen at an early age of twelve. She spent her free time during school breaks, summer and holidays in the family kitchen.

She is the Founder and former Chef of the Homegirl Café and Catering, a division of Homeboy Industries, Inc.  Which is a non-profit organization dedicated to work with former gang members and previously incarcerated women and men. This organization helps these individuals to become contributing members of society through training in restaurant service and culinary arts.

She also authored  the cookbook “Hungry for Life” – A collection of recipes and stories about the Homegirl Café.

Patricia Zarate

Meet the Owners

Consuelo “Laila” Alvarado and Patricia Zarate have been friends for decades. They have each dedicated their lives to social causes. Both women were born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, and even though they lived within the same neighborhood, they didn’t meet until much later, in Fresno, CA, while volunteering at a public Radio Station. Though Patricia moved to Los Angeles in 1984, their common Mexican heritage and life experience binds them together.

Over the last 20 years, Laila has led successful businesses in land development, construction, and energy solutions industries. Educated at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management, she has extensive experience in business administration, leadership, and compliance. She currently serves as a board member for The Alvarado Group.

Patricia Zarate has been a local chef in the Los Angeles area for over 15 years. Most recently, Patricia was the head chef with Homeboy Industries, as well as the author and developer of the cookbook, Hungry for Life. She has been creating traditional Mexican cuisine her whole life. Her light, colorful, healthy take on Mexican foods is grounded in family traditions, cultural roots, and personal stories. The recipes are unexpected and delicious – using fresh ingredients in the most unexpected ways.

Working together, Laila and Patricia plan to deliver a whole new dining experience to the Downtown Los Angeles community. While Mexican food is no stranger to the streets of Los Angeles, artisanal Mexican food served in an upscale manner is a different story altogether!

Tabachines Cocina