“The main ingredient in our food is passion, culture.”

– Consuelo Alvarado, Owner



Tabachines Cocina represents our best rendition of childhood memories from the classic Mexican family table. For us, tasting the freshness of the ingredients in our dishes, transports us to our childhood.

In our families, there were daily trips to the market to purchase seasonal ingredients. Refrigerators were a luxury while growing up. The lack of having one was really a blessing; it allowed us to grow up having meals prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients every day.

Our mothers would be at the Mercado everyday getting seasonal fresh ingredients for its affordability and flavor.

The bottom line is that the key to our cuisine is the inclusion of rich and earthy flavors of the most traditional and complex recipes in a very simple, colorful and elegant way.

Patricia Zarate – Executive Chef, has a very unique talent. She is able to prepare healthy delicious dishes and present them like a piece of art. Ingenuity and simplicity found on the plating of our dishes, allows the flavors, colors and freshness to play their own roll on the plate.

The uniqueness of our cuisine is the use of fresh ingredients the way our mother used to do it. They went to the Mercado every day. Nothing frozen. Our cuisine is not only colorful, tasty, and beautiful. It is infused with the passion of the people involved in the preparation. The main ingredient in our food is passion, culture.